The Hic'hikers


The Hic'hikers

Introducing The Hic'hikers, the children's picture book I co-authored and illustrated with Ryan Yaconiello. 

Where do the hiccups come from?

We’ve all had the hiccups at one time or another, those annoying little noises that you just can’t control, but what are they and where do they come from?
These are the pressing issues dealt with in The Hic'hikers!

The Hic’hikers are tiny little creatures that are inside all of us. They love fun, they live for adventure and the thrill of exploration. But above all else — they love to climb!

This picture book is a great addition to your little ones digital library.

Monsters for Hire

Monsters for Hire

In this economy, even monsters need help finding a job!

This fully illustrated picture book shows the ups and downs of running an employment agency. 

It's not easy to place monsters in jobs. Would Dracula make a good DJ? Would Medusa keep people in their seat's as a weather woman? How would deep sea creatures feel about working in sushi restaurant?

This is the latest children's book by myself and Ryan Yaconiello - I actually had the idea for this book when I was ten years old (it started its life as a comic strip I made as a kid). 


Baconé and E.G.G.S.

Baconé and E.G.G.S.

Baconé and E.G.G.S., my weekly comic strip with co-creator Ryan Yaconiello, is now available online. 

We are debuting a brand new weekly comic strip in the New Haven Independent called Baconé and E.G.G.S. Baconé is the brash, destructive police detective, always on the edge of losing his badge (but the city can't afford it, he gets results!). E.G.G.S. (short for Electronically Guided Guardian System) is his new by the book robot partner. 

Follow along weekly here on my website or here on the New Haven Independent site. 

Tyrannathesaurus Rex & Friends

Tyrannathesaurus Rex & Friends


Tyrannathesaurus Rex & Friends, my weekly comic strip with co-creator Ryan Yaconiello, is now available online. 

trex character list.jpg

Tyrannathesaurus Rex

Tyrannathesaurus Rex is a highly educated dinosaur who’s truest passion in all the world is to bring the gift of a superior vocabulary to the men and women of prehistory…..
followed very closely by his passion for eating many of the men and women of prehistory, but hey, the ones that don’t get eaten are all the more worldly for the ordeal.

The Mathstadon

The Mathstadon is Tyrannathesaurus Rex’s best friend since childhood. While Tyrannathesaurus excels at the fine art of conversation, The Mathstadon excels at unraveling the mystery of numbers. While he isn’t one to eat those he helps, his powerful body and large tusks can occasionally be just as harmful to those around him.

sabertooth lawyer.jpg

The Sabertooth Lawyer

The Sabertooth Lawyer is as cold and calculating in the courtroom as he is on the dance floor, making him not only the only man Tyrannathesaurus Rex trusts with his legal issues, but also the only one he trusts as his wingman when they hit the club.

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